Apple, Samsung Pile More Products onto U.S. Patent Lawsuit

Paul Lilly

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and every online store and brick-and-mortar retail shop was barred from selling Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 devices. Do you turn to the Galaxy Note as well? That's barred too. In fact, you can't even buy a Jelly Bean device in this made-up scenario, because it infringes on Apple's patents. None of this has happened, mind you, but it could in a worst case scenario now that everything mentioned has been added to an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Samsung.

According to Reuters , a U.S. judge allowed Samsung to add the iPhone 5 to its patent infringement complaint against Apple, and likewise Apple was granted permission to add the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, and Jelly Bean operating system to its own complaint.

Round and round they go. Sure, it's a bit farfetched that all those devices will end up banned for sale in the U.S., but let's not forget that Apple did at one point win a sales ban against the Galaxy Nexus (later overturned) and Galaxy Tab 10.1, so it's not as though these things never happen.

The ongoing feud between Samsung and Apple is growing old, though unfortunately shows no signs of letting up, if this latest development is any indication.

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