Apple Rubbishes Steve Jobs Ninja Stars Story


Steve Jobs is always trying to stay a cut above his competitors with magical and revolutionary moves they can not possibly previse being their run-of-the-mill selves. These magical and revolutionary tools of Steve Jobs' one-upmanship are, often, not only too arcane for his rivals but also for security officials at Japanese airports, who reportedly confiscated the Apple CEO's shurikens (also known as Ninja Stars) when he was about to board his private plane at Kansai International Airport on his way back home from a family vacation in Japan in July, 2010.

According to the latest issue of Japan's SPA! magazine, Jobs was found carrying Ninja throwing stars in his carry-on luggage by security officials at the airport. The story goes that he was barred from boarding his own plane with the shurikens, even though he tried to impress upon the officials that he was unlikely to gain anything from hijacking his own plane. According to the report, he finally left Japan without the magical and revolutionary shurikens, vowing never to return.

But an Apple spokesperson, while confirming the visit, described the incidents mentioned in the report as “pure fiction.” He further added, “Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”

Image Credit: Andrea Harmar (dot) com

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