Apple Knocks $300 Off 1st Generation 64GB iPad 3G

Paul Lilly

Our condolences to anyone who purchased a first generation iPad shortly before Apple launched the iPad 2. Since the launch, Apple and its partners dropped the price of all iPad 1 models by $100, meaning you could purchase a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for $399. That's a pretty good deal, but AT&T just took things to a whole new level by slashing the price of the flagship 3G 64GB iPad 1 by $300.

As a Web-only special , AT&T is selling the top-end device from last generation for $529, down from its original selling price of $829, and still $200 cheaper than what Apple is trying to unload first gen iPads for.

The one "gotcha" is that you're required to sign up for one of AT&T's DataConnect Personal Data plans, which are active for 30 days and then automatically renew every month unless you cancel service. That's the only obligation, however, as this isn't a subsidized price based on a 2-year service agreement.

Image Credit: Apple

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