Apple Knocks $100 Off Original iPad Models

Paul Lilly

If you always wanted an iPad and could care less about the upgraded features of the iPad 2, you're in luck. Apple has gone and slashed $100 off the price of every original Pad model. That means you can pick up the 16GB for $399, 32GB for $499, and 64GB for $599, while the 3G models of the same capacities now run $529, $629, and $729, respectively.

Apple yesterday announced the iPad 2 , which will go on sale March 11 at the same price points that the iPad 1 used to be listed at. The iPad 2 adds a slimmer profile, lighter design, new OS, dual-core processor with stronger graphics performance, new color options (available in both black and white), and both rear- and front-facing cameras.

With the price cut in place, Apple has a pretty good grip on the tablet market. The original iPad is now dated, and some would argue was always dated to begin with, but it set the bar by which every other tablet was measured against, and now the cost of entry is only a buck shy of $400.

You can purchase the original iPads from here .

Image Credit: Apple

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