Apple, Judge Both Ticked at Samsung for Leaking Rejected Evidence to Press

Paul Lilly

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung isn't just an ugly affair, it's turning downright fugly. Samsung managed to tick off both Apple and U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh by sharing evidence with the press that was ruled inadmissible, specifically a set of PowerPoint slides showing Apple did to Sony what the company claims Samsung has done to them -- copying designs.

According to InformationWeek , the slides cite comments from an interview with Apple designer Shin Nishibori in which he said he conceived the iPhone design by studying Sony's Walkman design concepts. Judge Koh refused to allow them as evidence, much to the chagrin of Samsung's legal team.

"In 36 years of trial work, I have never begged the court for anything. I'm begging the court now to reconsider," John Quinn, one of Samsung's lead attorneys, implored the court.

Judge Koh at one point threatened to sanction Quinn for talking over her response. Plain and simple, the slides were rejected as evidence, so Samsung shared them with the press, which are posted at AllThingsD . Naturally, this didn't sit well with either Apple or Judge Koh.

Apple has asked Judge Koh to issue sanctions against Samsung for tampering with the jury, according to Arstechnica , calling it a "deliberate attempt to influence the trial." Samsung contends it never issued a press release, just "a brief statement" to select members of the press, and did so after the jury was already selected.

Buckle your seat belts, folks, this ride's just getting started.

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