Apple Job Listing Says Little, Implies a Lot

Paul Lilly

Apple recently posted a job listing for a "Verizon iPad System Engineer" prompting a whirlwind of speculation through cyberspace as analysts try to read between the lines.

"The successful candidate will have enterprise sales experience and must have an existing knowledge of the mobile market and the technologies that support it," the listing reads. "Individual must have strong IT knowledge in the areas of enterprise messaging and collaboration, VPN, Wi-Fi, and enterprise security technologies."

In addition, potential candidates must "possess the ability to work without direct supervision or detailed direction." So what's the big deal here? According to Electronista, the wording confirms "both a deeper connection to Verizon and to enterprise sales," while hinting that Apple appears happy with its Verizon iPad relationship so far.

Taking it a step further, it seems conceivable that this apparently blossoming relationship would make Apple far less hesitant to port its iPhone over to Verizon, rumors of which continue to run rampant.

Or maybe Apple just needs to hire a Verizon iPad System Engineer.

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