Apple Investigators May Have Impersonated Police in Search for Missing iPhone 5

Ryan Whitwam

There have been an number of reports in recent days about the supposed loss of an iPhone 5 prototype in, you guessed it, a bar. Today, a Bernal Heights man has told SFWeekly that Apple employees impersonating police searched his home in July. If true, the Apple investigators could be charged and sentenced to as much as a year in jail.

Sergio Calderón claims that back in July, six people arrived at his door wearing badges. They stated they were from the San Francisco police and asked to search the home. They told Calderón that the GPS on a lost iPhone led them to him. He allowed the search in an effort to be helpful to what appeared to be police officers.

Calderón says that while interviewing him, they made threatening comments about his immigrations status and eventually offered $300 cash for the return of the phone. Calderón told them he had not found a lost iPhone. The investigators left, but gave Calderón a phone number to call if he had any information.

After seeing the original Cnet report about a home being searched, he contacted SFWeekly and gave them the phone number. An Apple employee by the name of  Anthony Colon answered. Colon is a former police officer that works as an investigator at Apple. The SFPD, when contacted by SFWeekly, said that if Calderón wishes to talk to them, there will be an investigation. A representative of the real police said of the alleged impersonation, “that's a big deal.”

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