Apple Files Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Phones and Tablets

Ryan Whitwam

It wouldn't be a week in the technobubble without a new intellectual patent suit. This one is looking like quite the doozy, though. Apple has filed a patent and trademark infringement suit against Samsung. At issue are Samsung's line of Galaxy phones and tablets. Apple claims the physical design and user interface borrow too heavily from Apple products.

Apple's hefty court filings make numerous accusations. For instance, Apple takes issue with the physical shape of the Galaxy S phones with the rounded corners and button placement. The Samsung TouchWiz user interface is also called out as borrowing the Apple app icon look and feel. TouchWiz is Samsung's Android skin, which does change up some of the stock Android interface elements.

Apple is asking for the usual stuff. Injunctions, damages, punitive damages, and the first-born sons of Samsung's board. Maybe not so much that last point, but Apple means business here. What do you make of the lawsuit?

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