Apple Eyes OLED Display for Second Gen iPad


Citing unnamed sources in the component industry, DigiTimes claims Apple has already stared developing its second generation iPad . As the report goes, the Cupertino company plans to outfit the followup device with an OLED panel and is shooting for a 2011 launch.

That's probably wishful thinking, even as panel makers put more resources into OLED production. The technology's high cost has prevented it from marching into the mainstream, and even for a $500 to $900 tablet, it seems unlikely that a pricey OLED panel would be part of the package.

Nevertheless, the sources insist that OLED prices are falling and will drop significantly enough that Apple could use them on the next gen iPad. We remain highly skeptical. According to Mingchi Kuo, a senior analyst with DigiTimes Research, the current price of the 9.7-inch LCD panel for the iPad runs about $60-$70. By comparison, an OLED panel of the same size would cost about $500. It's tough envisioning that kind of price gap narrowing significantly by 2011.

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