Apple Aims to Sell 3 Million iPhone 4s Every Month

Pulkit Chandna

The iPhone is ready for its fourth refresh and there are still no signs of sales slowing down. The new iPhone’s arrival is expected to provide fresh sales impetus to the franchise. Recent comments from Asia Optical chairman Robert Lai provide some insight into Apple’s preparations and sales expectations.

Lai told that his company began shipping VGA lens kits for the iPhone 4 in May. According to Lai, Asia Optical has been asked to deliver 3 million units every month. It is conspicuous from Lai’s revelation that Apple is prepping itself for unprecedented demand.

The sheer volume of components ordered by Apple is also being regarded as the death-knell for AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity. Some people believe that Apple will have to end AT&T’s exclusivity for the iPhone 4 to sell the way it wants it to.

I mage Credit: Gearlive

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