Apple Admits Macs Aren't Impenetrable After All

Brad Chacos

The Internet was ablaze with Apple talk yesterday. Several news sources picked up on ZDNet's news that Apple was telling its support techs to avoid helping helpless Mac users plagued by the Mac Defender malware. Apparently, the topic struck a sore spot – our blurb on the issue drew almost 60 comments. Awash in a flood of bad publicity, last night Apple officially published  a support page on its Web site to help Mac Defender victims take back control of their computer .

Apple's reluctant response seems pretty well thought out, actually. On the support page, the company pledges to release an update designed to hunt down and take out Mac Defender within a few days. In the meantime, the page does a decent job at describing the malware's characteristics, then goes on to provide worried Mac users with specific instructions not only on how to remove the program, but also how to avoid becoming infected in the first place.

While some of the suggestions might seem straightforward (Don't enter your admin password when a surprise program installs, duh), it's nice to see Apple doing the right thing and (finally) helping out their customers.

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