AOL to Lay Off Several Hundred (not Several Thousand) Employees

Paul Lilly

What you make of AOL's layoff plans depends on whether you usually see the glass as half full or 50 percent empty. Here's the deal -- we've known for some time that AOL was readying pink slips, but according to reports, the New York-based company is 'only' letting go of several hundred employees this time around, far less than what some might have been expecting.

Compared to the last rounds of layoffs, this latest trimming of the staff is almost a drop in the bucket, though obviously the hundreds who suddenly find themselves unemployed won't see it that way. Last time around, AOL let go of 2,300 workers, dropping its workforce down to around 5,000 people.

According to All Things Digital's Kara Swisher , who has been on top of this story from the beginning, the layoffs mostly affect editorial and other media product groups, while staffers in AOL's network group and advertising sales appear to be safe. It's not surprising that the content side is absorbing the majority of cuts, considering the recent $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post.

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