AOL Rolls Out HTML5 Mobile Site and Android-only App

Ryan Whitwam

That Internet stalwart AOL has moved its mobile strategy ahead today with the release of two new apps, and a mobile HTML5 website. The HTML5 site will be able to deliver richer content to devices with HTML5 compatible browsers. The apps are AOL Portal, and AOL Daily Finance. The finance app has been available on Blackberry and iPhone, but newly developed AOL Portal is an Android exclusive right now.

The Portal app has content similar to what is found on the mobile website, but in a better formatted package. When asked about the rationale for going with Android as the first platform for the app, AOL's David Temkin said, "Momentum is the key reason." A good call considering Android is on track to beat iOS in total activations this year.

The idea that a site would have a mobile formatted site, as well as an app that packages that same content is not a new one. A well written dedicated app can provide a better user experience, but as HTML5 sites move ahead, mobile apps may be less necessary.

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