AOL is Now "Aol." Still Probably Doomed

Paul Lilly

Remember when Juliet told Romeo that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet? We suppose the opposite must also be true, and America Online, whether abbreviated AOL or Aol, is still, after all, America Online.

The ISP on Sunday previewed its new brand identity, which it describes as a simple, confident logotype. The full identity won't be fully unveiled until December 10, when AOL common stock begins trading on the NYSE.

"Our new identity is uniquely dynamic," said Tim Armstrong, CEO of Aol. "Our business is focused on creating world-class experiences for consumers and AOL is centered on creative and talented people -- employees, partners, and advertisers. We have a clear strategy that we are passionate about and we plan on standing behind the AOL brand we take the company into the next decade."

Judging by the all-caps used throughout the press release, the new Aol branding looks to apply only to the company's "ever changing" logos, which were developed by branding outfit Wolff Olins.

Image Credit: AOL

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