AOL Confirms More Layoffs, Says No Way Around It

Paul Lilly

AOL's $315 million acquisition of The Huffington Post is nearly complete, and as the finish line approaches, job cuts can be seen on the horizon. If there's a bright side to this, it's that the job cuts won't come until after the deal is complete. But they are around the corner, because as AOL CEO Tim Armstrong put it, there's just no way to avoid making cuts.

"There will be job changes," Amstrong said at the PaidContent 2011 conference. "There's no way around it, but we'll do it thoughtfully."

How many job cuts loom at AOL remains to be seen. The last time AOL handed out pink slips was a year ago, in which it let go of 2,300 employees. What makes this latest round of cuts more uncomfortable than last time is that while AOL employees are worried about their futures, AOL and The Huffington Post are toasting the deal with expensive champagne and boxes of Greek cookies, which are being handed out to key advertising clients.

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