AOC's USB Monitor Makes Your Notebook Dance with Dual Displays

Paul Lilly

AOC just sent us word about a new 16-inch USB monitor (e1649fwu) it designed to transform your single-display notebook into a dual-monitor or multi-monitor machine with minimal fuss. Simply plug it into a free USB port and you'll be off and running with multiple displays; there's no power cord or VGA cable to mess around with.

The 16-inch LED panel serves up a 1366x786 screen resolution with a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 250cd brightness (typical), and 5ms response time. It has a built-in "Smart Stand" that pivots when needed with support for both portrait and landscape modes, and sits flush with the back of the display when not in use.

AOC says you can also attach its 16-inch panel to a desktop PC, but it's really designed for road warriors (hence the focus on portability) who want to extend their notebook's display or use it for on-the-go presentations. One thing to keep in mind is that it's not HDCP compatible.

Look for AOC's 16-inch USB monitor to ship in October for $139 MSRP.

Image Credit: AOC

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