AOC e1649fwu is 16 Inches of USB Powered Real Estate

Paul Lilly

DisplayLink and AOC today announced the retail availability of the new e1649fwu portable USB 2.0 monitor. The display is built by AOC and powered by a DisplayLink DL-125 chip, hence the hand-holding between these two companies in introducing the display to the public. Lightweight and relatively inexpensive, the e1649fwu provides 15.6 inches of real estate with a maximum resolution of 1366x768 at 60Hz, and both the video and power are piped through USB.

AOC says the e1649fwu draws just eight watts of power, which means it shouldn't thrash your notebook's battery (though it will certainly decrease overall battery life). The USB monitor has a built-in stand that supports both horizontal and vertical orientations.

"AOC has leveraged DisplayLink’s USB 2.0 virtual graphics and the capabilities of our DL-125 chip to deliver a portable, extended monitor that requires nothing more than plugging in a USB cable, at a very attractive price point," said Dennis Crespo , DisplayLink executive vice president of marketing and business development.

The e1649fwu is available now for $139.

Image Credit: AOC

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