Anti-Piracy Lawyers Drop Case Against 70-Year-Old Grandmother

Paul Lilly

A 70-year-old grandmother and retired widow from San Francisco accussed of illegally downloading and sharing a porn movie via BitTorrent had the case against her dropped. According to reports, the over-aggressive law firm that pursued the case admits they targeted the elderly woman by mistake and claims to have now found the real guilty party.

"It is such good news as this lawsuit has been hanging over my head," the unnamed woman said, according to . "But at the same time, there's a certain bitterness about the whole thing."

Steele Hansmeier PLLC, a law firm filing cases for the adult entertainment industry, turned their attention towards the 70-year-old woman back in July. She was one of thousands to receive a strongly worded letter encouraging her to settle out of court for a few thousand dollars, or risk having to pay attorney's fees and have her name made public in a court case involving pornography.

"They had an unwinnable case, and I called them on it," the woman said. "And I hope other people do, too." reports there was no apology on behalf of the law firm, only a somewhat defiant letter that, as an aside, let the woman know it isn't swayed by defendants talking to newspapers, as it raises publicity about its efforts.

"Also, a movie producer hired our firm after reading the article and for that I thank you," the letter said.

Stay classy, Steele Hansmeier, PLLC.

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