Antec's Revised EarthWatts Power Supply Line Goes Platinum

Paul Lilly

We've said it a trillion times, but once more, the power supply is arguably the most underrated and unappreciated components in your PC. We've seen cheap units go up in smoke (quite literally). Higher end units, while not immune from failure, tend to be more reliable, but they're also more expensive, especially as you start climbing up the 80 Plus certification list. Antec's intention with its new EarthWatts Platinum is to offer a line of lower wattage PSUs with an ultra-high efficiency rating, putting the coveted Platinum label within reach of even those who don't need monster sized power supply.

There are three models in the new EarthWatts Platinum line:

  • EA-450 Platinum ($110)
  • EA-550 Platinum ($120)
  • EA-650 Platinum ($130)

"The 80 Plus Platinum certified power supplies have so far only been available in higher wattage classes and not for the everyday gamer," said Mafalda Cogliani , Global Marketing Director at Antec. "Our EarthWatts Platinum power supplies enable more mainstream users and system builders to truly make a difference in their total energy consumption, benefiting both monthly electric bills as well as the environment."

According to Antec, the EarthWatts Platinum series can save users up to 25 percent on their electric bills compared to prior models. On the reliability side, Antec says it designed its new PSU line with 100 percent Japanese capacitors and keeps things cool with whisper quiet 120mm two ball-bearing fan.

The EarthWatts Platinum series is available now.

Image Credit: Antec

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