Antec's LanBoy Air is One "Cool" Looking Chassis

Paul Lilly

Power supplies aren't the only thing going modular these days, so are computer cases. And leave it to Antec to go all-in with its new LanBoy Air , which looks a little bit like a Transformer, and acts like one too.

"Antec's Skeleton was universally lauded as the most innovative chassis ever. The LanBoy Air builds on the Skeleton's open-air frame design, combining it with a familiar form factor and fully modular construction," said Scott Richards , senior vice president at Antec. "This chassis offers our most avid users the platform they need to push the limits of what they imagined possible in high-performance system design."

The LanBoy Air comes covered in mesh, giving users all the benefits of a truly open-air setup (like HTPC's TechStation or Danger Den's Torture Rack) with a bit more protection. Cooling is the name of the game here, with spots to mount up to 15 fans.

Other features include 11 total drive bays, CPU cut-out, support for graphics cards exceeding 15 inches, three USB ports (including a single USB 3.0 port), and a bunch of parts to move around and customize ( check out the video ).

The LanBoy Air is available now for around $220.

Image Credit: Antec

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