Antec P280 Review



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Can't stand cases with front doors you open to access drives.



I upgraded to this case for my new build from a P180.  Compared to that, the P280 is a very easy case to deal with.  Puget systems did a thermal and noise test for this case and I would recommend people check that out for optimum performance.

Anyways, I love the easy detachment of the front and bottom intake filters, how secure the rubber grommets were (the NZXT H2 came right off when I pushed through the cables), and even something as minor as the rubber feet underneat the case.  The only issue I had was trying to slide in the 5.25" drives.  I sort of had to jimmy my way into it, but it was secured nicely.

The only screws you need for this case are for the hard drive trays and PSU.  Everything else about the case requires no screws at all and the room for cable management is nice.  I'm upgrading from a P180 so this is like night and day for me. :-)