Antec Will Downgrade Your P280 and Eleven Hundred USB 3.0 Ports, If That's What You Want

Paul Lilly

Antec is willing to bend over to backwards if that's what it takes for you to be able to use those blue colored SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on your new P280 or Eleven Hundred computer case. The problem for some users is that their motherboards don't support USB 3.0. Rather than render those front panel USB 3.0 ports useless, Antec tells us it's willing to ship USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapters to P280 and Eleven Hundred case owners at no cost.

"We have heard the feedback you and your readers have given us regarding the USB 3.0 internal connector," Antec wrote in an email. "Specifically, some users who are interested in the P280/Eleven Hundred may not have this connector and wouldn't be able to take advantage of the ports on the case. As a solution, effective immediately, customers may contact us ( or 1-800-22ANTEC in the U.S.) and request an internal USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter."

Easy as pie, though you will need some sort of proof of purchase. Assuming you held onto your receipt or can dig up an invoice, Antec will ship you an adapter free of charge. Just remember to pay it forward when you graduate to a USB 3.0-capable motherboard.

Image Credit: Antec

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