David Murphy Jun 24, 2008

Antec Veris

At A Glance


Included fan helps drive reliability, USB and eSATA support, quiet operation.


Little bit ugly, little bit boxy, unnecessary screw adds installation time to the slide-top design.

Addressing different designs for external storage enclosures is a lot like taking a microscope to Pop Tarts and counting the sprinkles to determine which pastry variety contains maximum tastiness. Or at least, that’s what it feels like. Because there’s not anything functionally different with Antec’s Veris enclosure than any of the many, many other enclosures we’ve tested. You slap a drive in, connect a USB or eSATA cord, and call it a day.

Well, sort of. While the crux of the device is simple and problem-free, the Veris still makes for a little bit of a different experience. For starters, the drive enclosure comes with a single screw that must be removed before you can shove a drive into the box. It’s a minor annoyance, given that other enclosures we’ve seen—we’re looking at you, Icy Dock —are one-hundred-percent screw-free. But unlike the Icy Dock enclosure, the Veris comes with a silent fan on the bottom of the device that churns a constant, albeit low amount of air over your hard drive.

Speed-wise, the Veris does nothing to hinder or boost the performance of your drives in any capacity. The USB and eSATA connections are as easy to access as the device’s power switch. Given its relative silence when placed near a churning computer, the downward-facing light on the front of the Veris is a little poor at telling you whether the enclosure is on or not. We would have much preferred a simple, outward-facing LED.

The minutia of our criticism should suggest exactly how we feel about this device. While it’s a little boxy and ugly, it’s still a solid addition to both your desk and desktop PC. The Veris is not the best device for those who plan on switching through a ton of drives, but it’s a great mate for a single drive. The enclosed gentle, breezy fan ensures drive reliability, while the device’s near-silent operation ensures user sanity. It’s a win all around!


Antec Veris

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