Antec P280 Performance One Series Computer Case is Silent but Friendly

Paul Lilly

Antec announced the newest member of its Performance One Series and it's a silent, sophisticated computer case built in the same overall pedigree as prior Performance One enclosures, only much improved. We actually scored a sample ahead of its official launch and used it to build a kick-ass rig with Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 3960X processor, the details of which you can read here .

Antec's goal is and always has been quiet computing with the Performance One line, and the P280 carries on that tradition with sound-dampening steel, polycarbonate side panels, a triple-layer front door, and hard drive trays with pre-installed vibration-reducing silicone grommets.

The P280 is prepped and primed for high end systems. It has an enlarged internal layout, air filters, plenty of fan mounts, USB 3.0 support, 30mm of cable routing space behind the motherboard tray, and it supports up to XL-ATX sized motherboards and four-way GPU configurations.

"Performance One has always had a special place in the hearts and minds of our customers," said Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director at Antec. "With convenience & ease-of-use coupled with an attractive price point, we expect P280 to introduce customers new and old to the next generation of Performance One."

The P280 will land on store shelves, both physical and virtual, in late November with an MSRP of $140.

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Image Credit: Antec

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