Nathan Edwards Jun 24, 2008

Antec P190

At A Glance

White Rabbit

Tons of space, snake light inside the case, easy to manipulate.

Brown Bunny

Still no switch for the snake light; cable management could be better thought out, but it's improved.

If all the world’s computer cases were playing a game of Battlefield, then the Antec P190 would surely be one of the tanks. This thing is a monstrosity of a midtower, though functionally, it differs very little from everything else in Antec’s P-series of cases. However, this case does add improvements we’ve been dreaming of since we first laid our hands on the P180. The P190 comes with that extra bit of horizontal space that makes all the difference in the world if you rock extra-long videocards. Previous models were just too cramped—even if you weren’t using a water-cooling system.

We love how two in-tandem power supplies are included in this beast: a 650W device for your motherboard and cards, and a 550W one for everything else. That said, cable management is still an issue with the P190. To its credit, Antec continues to try to find better ways to route or otherwise minimize the impact of the snarl of cables shooting out of the southern chunk of the case. But the design still feels wrong, especially when you have to route your cables through a tiny rabbit hole, over a fan, and back through a hole just to get to the lower drive bay.

t least the case’s airflow is totally unrestricted, thanks to the whirling power of four 12cm fans and a beastly 20cm side-panel fan. They’re all tri-speed fans too; perfect for the air enthusiast who’s trying to keep his hearing intact.


Antec P190

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