Antec Enters the Mobile Computing Market with Customized Laptop Parts


The most popular method of purchasing a notebook remains buying a prebuilt machine and calling it a day. That slaps in the face of enthusiasts who know they could do just as good of a job putting together a laptop, but there just aren't as many options to go the DIY route as there are in the desktop arena. The good news is, that list is growing.

Asus and OCZ both already offer whitebook solutions, and today Antec announced that is launching a new line of standard components for the mobile computing market. Referred to as common building blocks (CBB) and developed according to a common set of specifications initiated by Intel, the interchangeable components takes away much of the guesswork from would-be system builders hoping to go the DIY route.

"Our new line of mobile product components offers system builders for the first time the ability to configure and build laptop computers specifically for their important accounts, and to fully support them in the field," said Scott Richards, Antec senior VP. "We are proud to be the pioneer global provider of these products to the channel, helping system builders penetrate mobile computing markets that were previously closed to them."

Do you find the notion of building your own notebook appealing?

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