Antec Dives into the World of Water Cooling with the Kuhler H20 620

Maximum PC Staff

Antec has made its first leap into the world of liquid cooling with the all new KÜHLER H20 620 CPU cooler, the end result of what appears to have been a very productive partnership with Asetek. According to Antec’s Dennis Pang, the KÜHLER H20 offers not just an easy installation, but zero maintenance over the life of the unit. "Forget about having to purchase coolant and filling/refilling," he said. "Ironically, the beauty of this liquid cooling solution is never having to see the fluid."

Pang claims users should expect a 20 percent boost over a stock Intel heat syncs, and the company will over mounting kits for Intel’s LGA 775, 1155, 1156, and 1366. On the AMD side they will support the AM2, AM3, AM2+ and AM3+. "The performance advantage doesn’t just apply to the CPU," he said. "Routing all the CPU heat directly out of your chassis means lower overall ambient temperature, which helps out your other components. And the low profile of the pump (just 27 mm) drastically reduces the footprint of your CPU cooler, which greatly increases overall airflow in your chassis."

The KÜHLER H20 620 has an estimated street price of $69.95, and is backed by Antec’s 3-year standard warranty program. Anyone takers?

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