Antec Announces Three Hundred Two Chassis for Cash Strapped Gamers

Paul Lilly

From the looks of things, Antec decided to go back to the basics and release an affordable computer case without the razzle and dazzle of more expensive enclosures. As the newest addition to Antec's Gaming Series, the new Three Hundred Two is a mostly ordinary looking black chassis without a painted interior or side window to show it off. It's also only $80 MSRP.

The Three Hundred Two isn't completely devoid of pieces of flair. It has a "perforated" (mesh) front panel, removable dust filters, and cable cutouts to help prevent your build from becoming a gnarly mess of wires.

Antec says the Three Hundred Two is built for maximum cooling. It comes with dual TwoCool fans and has fan mounts for four more, including a 120mm CPU exhaust fan situated behind the motherboard.

"The Three Hundred Two is an excellent enclosure for those who want to build a reliable, long-lasting PC," said Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director for Antec. "The enclosure has great cooling and expandability options, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to build a new and affordable gaming PC with high functionality and design."

Antec's new case is available now.

Image Credit: Antec

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