Antec Announces Kuhler H20 920 Liquid CPU Cooler

Paul Lilly

Rather than celebrate its 25th anniversary year with streamers, balloons, and cake, Antec opted instead to release a new self-contained liquid CPU cooling solution, the Kuhler H20 920. This is the successor to the 620 and was developed in conjunction with Asetek. Unlike a traditional liquid cooling loop, Antec promises high performance in a quick, easy-to-install package that doesn't require any maintenance.

"Like the popular Kuhler H20 620, the Kuhler H20 920 provides the benefits of water cooling in a sealed and prefilled unit, with zero maintenance required," said Tak Niwa, director BU 1, enclosures and accessories at Antec. "It's a very powerful and capable solution giving users teh freedom to finely tune and customize to fit their needs."

The new 920 version sports a double-thick radiator and two 120mm fans, both of which are adjustable via Asetek's ChillControl software. To help squeeze into tight places where space is at a premium, the 920 utilizes a low-profile pump.

The Kuhler H20 920 is available for preorder for $120 and will ship on or before April 22, 2011.

Image Credit: Antec

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