Antec Announces "High Current Gamer" Power Supply Series

Paul Lilly

Quick, what's the most important piece of the PC building puzzle? That depends on what you're trying to accomplish, of course, but some will contend that no matter what the task, the power supply stands as the one area you never want to skimp in. And they're right -- we've seen generic units pop, fizzle, and even smoke.

Antec, for the most part, has a long history of putting out reliable units (some of which were built by Seasonic), and the company hopes to have another winner on its hands with its new High Current Gamer series.

"The High Current Gamer series is designed to optimize high-output current delivery while reducing wiring loss, resulting in unsurpassable value and reliability in a package that provides affordability and accessibility to gamers and power users working within varying budgets," Antec says.

Available in 400W, 520W, 620W, 750W, and 900W configurations, Antec says each one features over-current protected +12V rails with High Current functionality. Each one also comes stamped with the 80 PLUS Bronze certification.

See here for individual specs on each one.

Image Credit: Antec

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