Antec Announces 'High Current Gamer M' Power Supply Line

Paul Lilly

Antec today rolled out three new power supply models as part of its new High Current M series, a mid-range wattage class of hybrid modular PSUs with quiet cooling at affordable prices. The new series is an extension of the High Current Gamer PSU line released in late 2010, but feature modular cables and don't scale as high in wattage options.

The original HGC line was available in 400W, 520W, 620W, 750W, and 900W models. Antec's hybrid model refresh is available in 400W, 520W, and 620W models, each of which is 80 Plus Bronze certified and equipped with a 135mm two ball-bearing fan.

"Antec has succeeded with providing consumers with quiet and efficient power supplies to choose from," said Mafalda Cogliani , Global Marketing Director at Antec. "And now we want to provide the same type of power and convenience via hybrid modularity power supply that will help with energy reduction."

Each of the HGC M series PSUs employ a quad +12V rail design with high load capabilities. The PSUs also utilize 100 percent Japanese capacitors and are backed by a five-year parts & labor warranty.

Availability kicks off in early February for $90 (HGC-400M), $100 (HGC-520M), and $120 (HGC-620M).

Image Credit: Antec

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