Antec and Asetek Join Forces to Build New Cooling Products


Antec, best known for its high quality power supplies, has teamed with OEM liquid cooling specialist Asetek to build and market a new line of self-contained liquid coolers. The first of these is the KÜHLER H2O series, another all-in-one design that requires no maintenance on the part of the end user.

"Antec's global reach and excellent reputation make them an ideal partner to bring Asetek's next generation of sealed liquid cooling technology to the DIY and system integrator markets," said Steve Branton , Director of Marketing at Asetek. "From a technical perspective, we are delighted by the new levels of performance, quite operation, and just plain fun features that partnering with Antec is bringing to the new KÜHLER H2O series."

This is primarly a marketing partnership, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Asetek has a history of churning out solid liquid coolers, but they've mainly been relegated to boutique system vendors. With the Antec label, DIY builders will have easier access to these coolers.

Asetek also builds Corsair's Hydro H50 and H70 series.

Image Credit: Asetek

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