Another iPhone Prototype Found, Disassembled

Ryan Whitwam

The normally private Apple seems to be springing more leaks than ever. After that iPhone prototype leaked to GIzmodo last month, we thought we'd seen the last of the device until Mr. Jobs pulled it out of his pocket at WWDC this year. But apparently a Vietnamese site called managed to score one of the prototypes . Luckily for us, they were not as kind to it as Gizmodo was. indeed, they tore it asunder.

The phone wasn't running iPhone OS, just a test routine. The screws that were on the Gizmodo unit are gone in this prototype, and the buttons seem better fabricated. Upon disassembling it, the serial numbers on the chips could be read. One reading " 339S0084" has been positively identified as the 1GHz Apple A4 chip from the iPad. Though, in the iPhone it may be underclocked to save battery life.

Many called shenanigans on this phone when it was posted, but the teardown and subsequent pics lead us to believe it's real. We don't know how seriously Vietnamese authorities take purchase of a confidential prototype (rumor is they paid $4000 for it), but maybe Jason Chen can offer them some words of warning.

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