Another Good Reason to Always Shut Your Computer Down at Night

Paul Lilly

The Dallas Cowboys just can't seem to get a grip on this whole technology thing. In a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans last month, Dallas' 180 foot long HD screen blocked a punt by the Titans, a play which isn't reviewable under current NFL rules. Moving the screen could cost millions of dollars, so the solution for the time being is to do nothing.

Fast forward and the Cowboys once again take center stage in this week's giant screen fail, only this time there were no punts involved. Instead, a scrolling banner let everyone in attendance know the eggheads behind the scenes had encountered an error and didn't shut down properly. Or maybe it's a really good Photochop. Either way, it's fun to laugh at the Cowboys. That is, unless you're a Lions fan, in which case there's nothing at all funny about the NFL.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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