Another Foxconn Worker Leaps to His Death

Paul Lilly

One of the ongoing stories last year was how Foxconn workers in China were committing suicide amid reports of poor working conditions and low pay. Foxconn vowed to improve its operations, and it's been relatively quiet ever since, at least until now. According to an AFP report , a 21-year-old employee who only started working for Foxconn on June 27, jumped out of his on-site dormitory and died as a result.

No other company in the world makes more computer components than Foxconn. One of Foxconn's bigger clients is Apple, and workers are under intense pressure to keep up with demand for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, as well as products from Sony, Dell, and others. Activists blamed poor working conditions, including forced overtime and low pay, on at least 13 employee deaths last year, all the result of suicide attempts.

What's odd about this latest case is that the 21-year-old hasn't been on the job very long, and according to reports in the Hong Kong Economic Times and Taiwan's Commercial Times , Foxconn denies work pressure played a role, saying the man only worked two hours of overtime since becoming an employee.

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