Another Build of Windows 8 Blue Leaked

Pulkit Chandna

Windows 8’s Modern interface gets a file explorer

Another Windows Blue build has found its way onto the Web — the second in less than a month — amid murmurs about the possibility of Microsoft addressing two of humanity’s biggest gripes about its Windows 8 operating system when it launches the “Blue” update later this year.

Even as the tech media was busy speculating about the likelihood of the upcoming Windows Blue update bringing back the Start Button and introducing an option to bypass the Start Screen, Windows 8.1 build 9369 leaked onto the Web on Monday.

This latest leaked build, sadly, has neither the sorely missed Start Button nor the rumored "boot to desktop” feature. Instead, it has a handful of new features that are all aimed at making the Modern UI environment more functional.

There is now a file explorer for Windows 8’s Modern interface. The prosaically named Files app not only lets you explore the local file system, but also your SkyDrive.

With the addition of a dedicated App List button, it is now easier to see a list of all your apps when using a mouse. Also, the apps in this list can now be sorted by the frequency of use.

The Search Charm feature has been improved in that it allows you to search without having to leave the Start Screen. But that is not all as far as search improvements are concerned, as a new search setting lets you widen the scope of Windows 8’s search feature to include online search results.

Building on the improvements to the “snap view” feature in the previous leaked build , Windows 8.1 build 9369 lets the user specify the position of individual apps.

Image Credit: The Verge

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