Anonymous Takes On Supplier of Military, Police Equipment

Ryan Whitwam

Anonymous seems to be moving up in the world. After attacking a global security research firm earlier this week, elements of Anonymous have now announced that a hack from a few months ago the compromised, a seller of equipment to the military and law enforcement. As per the usual pattern, the stolen data is now available online.

As confirmed by Special Forces Gear, the owner of, Anonymous managed to grab 14,000 usernames/passwords, and possibly 8,000 encrypted credit card numbers. The attack happened in August, but Anonymous is only drawing attention to it now. Special Forces Gear claims that the database compromised by Anon is a backup from a year-old version of the website. The new site does not store data in the same way, they say.

Following the breach, Special Forces Gear made all users change passwords, and the credit card numbers are apparently mostly expired by this point. Still, there is sure to be some useful data that the owners certainly never expected to get out. Special Forces Gear has hired third-party consultants to make sure these shenanigans don’t happen again, but there are plenty of other vulnerable sites for Anonymous to take on.

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