Anonymous Reveals Nude Pics Of BART Spokesman Linton Johnson

Brad Chacos

The human language is a funny thing. In most circumstances, the words “Anonymous nude photos online” could land you in some pretty hot water with your significant other. Not today, though. On August 25th, “Anonymous nude photos online” translates into “Anonymous posts nude photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson online in an escalation of its war with the San Francisco transit system.”

Anonymous has been beating on BART and calling for Johnson’s resignation ever since the transit system disabled cellular service during an August 11th protest about the shooting of a homeless man by a BART officer. Graham Cluley at Sophos reports that at the time, Linton Johnson claimed that the transit authority “didn’t try to shut down the protest. They simply turned off the cell service so it couldn't become viral. It really is just a cost-benefit analysis of where your freedom of speech begins to threaten the public safety." Anonymous took offense and opened virtual fire with #OpBart .

Obviously, either Johnson or someone close to him hasn’t been very careful with his pictures; Anon r ecently created a blog that put Johnson’s johnson on display for the world to see. The BART spokesman appears in a shirt that says STIFF, no less. The website has already been taken down, but Cluley managed to grab the pic above before it was lost to the aether. Linton’s johnson (and his face) is obscured here, but it was in full un-pixelated glory on the Anonymous website. You can see pics with Johnson's face displayed on Gawker , if you want. Out of respect, we decided not to post them here.

The man in the pictures hasn’t been officially confirmed as Johnson, but it sure looks like him. We are certain about two things: you shouldn’t put nude pictures of yourself on any computer connected to the Internet if you don't want them on the Internet, and, checking out the photos, that looked like one hell of a party.

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