Anonymous Reflects on 2012 and Prepares for Another Year of Hacking

Paul Lilly

Hactivist group promises more shenanigans in 2013.

If you thought the hactivist group known as Anonymous would fade from view in the New Year, think again. Anonymous posted a message making it clear it intends to keep on hacking, telling the world, "We are still here...Expect us." Of course, it just wouldn't be an anonymous post without some derogatory language, so keep that in mind before clicking through to the organization's website for the full message.

Anonymous also posted a short video bragging of its dealings in 2012, including the temporary shutdown of the U.S. Department of Justice and other sites in protest of the U.S. government targeting MegaUpload. Also in the video are various clippings related to the organization's effort to thwart Westboro Baptist Church members from protesting the funeral of Newtown, Connecticut shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

Not all of the organization's deed's have been admirable, however, and oftentimes innocent people are caught in the crossfire. It's not unusual for Anonymous to post personally identifiable information of people who are members of a site or company that Anonymous has a beef with, including banking organizations.

The video (embedded below) is likely in reaction to McAfee recently predicting that Anonymous would decline in 2013.

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