Anonymous No More: US And UK Crack Down On 15 Alleged Members

Brad Chacos

After months of watching helplessly while Anonymous and LulzSec pulled down our virtual pants and stuck their tongue out at Internet users worldwide, several members of the two groups are now being taught a crucial lesson: nobody likes a smartass. We reported yesterday that the FBI raided the homes of 3 suspected Anons in New York, but it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg. Authorities in the US and UK say they've slapped the cuffs of 15 alleged Anon affiliates and one person possibly associated with LulzSec. Oh, and one more guy.

The FBI rounded up the 14 Anons and executed 35 search warrants in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and Ohio, according to the DoJ's press release . All 14 are said to have assisted with Anonymous' smack-down of PayPal back in December. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail claims a 16-year-old was also arrested in London as part of the Anonymous crackdown. He also allegedly had ties to the PayPal penetration.

An individual who could have ties to LulzSec was also snatched up. Lance Moore of New Mexico allegedly stole data from AT&T's servers while working for the company as a customer support contractor. "On June 25, 2011, the computer hacking group LulzSec publicized that they had obtained confidential AT&T documents and made them publicly available on the Internet," the DoJ says. "The documents were the ones Moore had previously uploaded." LulzSec hasn't responded to the arrest on its Twitter feed.

One more person was corralled during the roundup: Scott Matthew Arciszewski of San Jose, California, allegedly accessed the servers of Tampa Bay InfraGard, a company associated with the FBI, then uploaded three files onto the company's system. "Arciszewski then tweeted about the intrusion and directed visitors to a separate website containing links with instructions on how to exploit the Tampa InfraGard website," the DoJ says. You may remember that LulzSec took a swipe at InfraGard back in June, but Arciszewki accessed InfraGard two weeks after the other intrusion. *Cough* Moron *Cough*

Do you know one of the folks who were picked up in the raid? Check out the DoJ's press release for a full list of the names and online handles of everyone pinched in the US.

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