Anonymous Intercepts FBI and Scotland Yard Conference Call

Ryan Whitwam

An element of hacker group Anonymous announced today that it has intercepted a conference call between the FBI and UK law enforcement wherein they discuss tracking down Anonymous. The 16 minute call was recorded and has been posted on various sites, including YouTube. The FBI and Scotland Yard have confirmed their call was illegally intercepted.

The first few minutes are idle banter between the early arrivals, but from there the conversation moves on to the efforts to identify members of Anonymous and LulzSec. Anonymous beeped out names of suspects and contacts not yet apprehended, but left in the names of those already arrested, including Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis. The call is from January 17th, and the investigators can be heard discussing the case against Cleary and Davis.

It is suspected that Anonymous gained access to law enforcement email where an invitation to the conference all was available. It should be noted that the phone number and password for the call was listed in plain text. This is certainly embarrassing for the FBI and Scotland Yard, and one has to wonder if more releases from that hacked email account will be incoming.

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