Anonymous Hacks NATO, Promises to Act Responsibly

Paul Lilly

We're long past the point of publishing every story related to the hacking community; there are too many of them, we're all tired of hearing about them, and we hate to give these cyber narcissists undue attention. Yet here we are, reporting on another security breach by the now familiar hacking organization known as Anonymous. Why? We want to put on record that these guys claim they'll be at least partially responsible with the information they stole.

"We are sitting on about one gigabyte of data from NATA now, most of which we cannot publish as it would be irresponsible . But oh NATO...," @AnonymousIRC posted on its Twitter account (bolded and italicized by us, not Anonymous).

In a followup tweet, Anonymous posted a PDF file of a documented titled "NATO Restricted" related to the outsourcing of Balkans CIS support, and then went on to pat its own back and taunt NATO in a handful of other tweets.

"Hi NATO. Yes we haz more of your delicious data. You wonder where from? No hints, your turn. You call it war; we laugh at your battleships," @Anonymous tweeted .

Anonymous might be looking to make a defiant statement following the recent arrest of sixteen people suspected to be associated with the hacking group.

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