Anonymous Exposes Syrian Government Emails

Ryan Whitwam

Hacker collective Anonymous has a reputation for targeting authoritarian regimes, and the government crackdown in Syria has led the group to begin hammering away. Anonymous has just released a cache of emails from the mail servers used by Syria's Ministry of Presidential Affairs. The correspondence contain plenty of dirty little secrets, but Anonymous also happily exposed dozens of terrible passwords.

The emails contain everything from the routine back and forth, to a strategy for comparing the Syrian crackdown to police actions against US-based Occupy protesters. The goal apparently being to spin the situation and manipulate the foreign news reporting. Some of the emails are presented as talking points for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in preparation for his December 2011 interview with Barbara Walters.

On the lighter side, Anonymous found the passwords used by Syrian authorities to be laughably bad. Of the 78 accounts exposed, 31 were using “12345” as the password. Other popular choices were “iloveyou” and “testing.”

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