Anonymous Drops the Hammer on BMI

Ryan Whitwam

Anonymous strikes again. This time the target of this loose coalition of online hackers is the site of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI). A DDoS attack hit the site late last night , forcing BMI to take the site offline. As of this posting, it is still not available. This attack is part of what Anonymous calls the "war on copyright".

BMI handles the licensing and royalty transactions for songwriters, composers, and publishers. They described the move to take their site offline as a "protective measure". BMI called the attack a "misguided campaign to attack creative rights". For its part, Anonymous accuses BMI of abusing copyright legislation to stifle innovation. "Too long have the music and cinema industries, among others, abused copyright for their own gain," the Anonymous statement said. "Legislation serves to protect artists not the companies managing them and should never attempt to prevent the spread of creativity to the general public."

In recent months, Anonymous has attacked the sites of Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The group gained notoriety for their attacks on the Church of Scientology several years ago. Do you think these actions by Anonymous can force change in the recording industry?

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