Anonymous Denies Involvement in PSN Data Theft

Ryan Whitwam

Amidst the fallout from the PlayStation Network hack, Sony claimed yesterday that the Internet vigilante group Anonymous was responsible for the attack. But today the well-known hacktivist group denied any involvement in the theft of credit card numbers. The statement is carefully worded, though. Could there be more to this?

“If a legitimate and honest investigation into credit card theft is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable,” Anonymous said in a statement. Sony's evidence is a file left on the server with the label 'Anonymous' and part of the group's slogan, "we are legion". Anonymous has usually shied away from direct theft of data, preferring to utilize DDoS attacks to simply overload servers belonging to their intended victim.

The PSN intrusion on April 19th exposed the personal details of over 77 million users. Then a separate break-in resulted in gaming accounts from being ripped off. That added nearly 25 million accounts to the tally. Anonymous does readily admit they are a decentralized group, but the "leadership" does not condone credit card theft. It's possible Anon worries that associates of the organization perpetrated the act, and are distancing themselves should they be caught. What do you think?

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