Angry Birds to Land on Facebook Later this Year

Paul Lilly

What's this, a Facebook game that doesn't suck? That's what you're going to get with Rovio's popular Angry Birds, which is flying to Facebook later this year. It seems only fitting that one of the most popular casual games on the market is pairing with the biggest social networking site on the planet.

Rovio boss Mikael Hed said that on Facebook, "there will be completely new aspects to [Angry Birds] that just haven't been experienced in any other platform." He also promised that "the pigs will have a more prominent role."

Angry Birds has been nothing short of a thrill ride for Rovio, which continues to cash in on the franchise's success. There are plans to expand Angry Birds to consoles, you can already purchase themed merchandise, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Hed compared to the explosive growth to that of the Disney franchise.

"Look at how Disney got started," Hed said. "Steamboat Willie created Mickey Mouse, then they added more characters. You can see the same pattern today, but everything is happening much, much faster. Other brands used to build recognition over the course of decades. We've done it in one year."

Getting back to the Facebook collaboration, Rovio wants you to 'Like' its Angry Bird page , and in return you'll "be the first to hear the news" and "gain access exclusive content."

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