Angry Birds Loses App Store Throne to 14 Year-Old Kid

Maximum PC Staff

Generally speaking, the Internet is a gaping black hole that sucks in intelligence, civility, and the like, and sloppily spits out raw, unfiltered stupidity. This, of course, provides the saner among us with ample opportunities to feel good about ourselves. And then something like this happens.

For the past few weeks, a title by the name of Bubble Ball has been steadily ascending the free App charts, knocking off perpetual crown-holders like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja along the way. The game's a deceptively simple physics puzzler (which is hardly shocking if you know your App Store history), but here's the kicker: it was created almost entirely by a 14 year-old boy.

"I was pretty astonished," Robert Nay, currently in eighth grade, told ABC . "When I released it, I didn't think it would do so well."

Even though he occasionally served as his own personal naysayer, Nay cracked open Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK and – over the course of more than a month – wrote 4000 lines of code. His mother lent a helping hand with a few level designs, but Robert and his massive brain took care of everything else.

Buy hey, at least you can still pump up your deflated ego elsewhere, right? Well, Nay's also an excellent student and plays piano, mandolin, and trumpet. May as well cross “one-man band” off the list as well, then.

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