Angry Birds Coming to Windows Phone 7 After All

Ryan Whitwam

After the small spat Angry Birds developer Rovio had with Microsoft over some preemptive advertizing, we were unsure that the popular game would be coming to the WP7. But now official word has come that Angry Birds will hit Windows Phone 7 on April 6th . The app will be packing some WP7-specific goodies too.

Rovio said a deal was in the works recently, but we're just not hearing about it thanks to some legal wrangling. According to Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka, "Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers." The app will have integration with Xbox Live. So that means Achievements, leaderboards and more will be included on this platform.

Microsoft jumped the gun back when WinPho 7 launched with an Angry Birds icon in an advertisement. Rovio objected, and had a few pointed remarks. But it looks like everything got smoothed out and Windows Phone users will soon be able to stick it to those sneaky pigs.

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