Andy Rubin: 300,000 Android Activations per Day

Ryan Whitwam

Google's Andy Rubin Tweeted today that the company is seeing over 300,000 phone activations each day . This figure is higher than Apple and RIM both. It is even in the ballpark of the highest numbers Nokia have ever announced for the Symbian platform. Let's also remember that all these Android phones are certifiable smartphones. Some Symbian handsets are inexpensive commodity devices.

To put this another way, Google is seeing nearly 10 million new Android activations per month. Apple is currently riding high on 14.4 million new iPhone activations in an entire quarter. It was only a few months ago that Google told us they were seeing about 200k activations per day. A 50% rise in that time is astounding. At this rate, Android may soon own the lion's share of the mobile OS market.

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