Android to Surpass Apple and RIM, Become Second Largest Mobile OS This Year

Ryan Whitwam

A new report from Gartner Research claims that Google's Android operating system will grow rapidly in the remaining months of 2010, passing both Apple and RIM . If you don't follow the smartphone world closely, you could be forgiven for forgetting Nokia is still number one worldwide. While their phones are rarely offered by US carriers, the market in other nations often encourages users to buy unlocked phones. Those are often Nokia handsets.

In late 2009, Android had only 3.9% of the market - Apple had three times more. Google is expected to hit about 17.7%, which will clobber Apple's iOS, and just edge out Blackberry. While iOS is still growing, Blackberry has been falling. The tepid response to the Blackberry Torch isn't helping matters.

Android has spread to all US carriers, and more manufacturers are getting in on the fun. It's impressive to see Google come from behind so quickly, especially considering the state Android was in before the release of the Motorola Droid.

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